Become an Author on General Website

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Country: India
Category: General
Domain Authority: 54
Page Authority: 48
Domain Rating: 54
Trust Flow:
Citation Flow:
Semrush Traffic:
Ahrefs Traffic: 3.3k+
Other Info: Nil


Gaining authorship on a general website means having the opportunity to regularly contribute and Products across diverse topics and reach a wider audience.

  • Application process: Typically involves submitting writing samples, qualifications, and a pitch to showcase your expertise and suitability as a contributor.
  • Diverse topics: As an author, you’ll have the opportunity to cover a wide range of subjects, providing content that appeals to a general audience.
  • Regular publication: Once approved, you’ll have the privilege of regularly publishing articles on the website, sharing your insights and knowledge.
  • Engaging with the audience: Authors often engage with readers through comments, feedback, and discussions, fostering a sense of community and building relationships.
  • Platform for exposure: Being an author on a general website offers a platform to showcase your work, expand your reach, and potentially attract new opportunities in your field.


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